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The load carrier itself is smart, viz. it has a globally unique number and can be digitally linked to the content – your goods – and both can be tracked through the supply chain. In addition, our smart load carriers can provide sensor readings and thus help, for example, to avoid food waste.

We develop, implement and connect systems for easy acquisition, reliable detection and tracking of smart assets via barcode and RFID, for tracking assets via various IoT technologies, for recording and processing sensory data and linking to the packaged or loaded product.

We are partners of Wiliot, the revolutionary IoT technology based on Bluetooth.




As the basis for our digitization strategy, we use worldwide standards and identification systems such as the GS1 standards for company-wide business processes in conjunction with an infrastructure adapted to your IT.

A smart label contains a globally unique number according to the GS1 standard for returnable transport packaging (Global Returnable Asset Identifier: GRAI).

Smart labels with a 1D barcode, DataMatrixCode, QR codes or RFID are reliably identified by our systems. For one thing, this allows the management of the load carriers themselves. Each package has its own life cycle: Cleansings and repairs are documented; the number and duration of cycles provide the facts for the ecological and economic evaluation of the asset.

The connection with the goods packaged or transported in smart assets via the IT infrastructure of our customers makes them clearly identifiable across the entire supply chain. Automation in intra logistics is made considerably easier: The labels are always at the same position.

Benefits of no longer required tabs:

  • cost saving for labels
  • avoidance of complaints due to fallen off, mixed-up or old tabs
  • no complex label removal necessary

With the AutoID system, the smart labels for incoming and outgoing goods, inventories as well as the documentation of damages and repairs are recorded in the processes of our sister company WBG-Pooling.

We work with RFID gates, RFID handheld scanners, barcode scanners or Android mobile devices – the right technology for every process.

Example of use:

defect & repair acquisition

Auswahl der Funktion

Scan des Etiketts

Foto der Beschädigung

Example of use:


Example of use:

Barcode Scanning Tower

Streamlined. Efficient. Fast.
With the stationary barcode reader, we are able to scan over 670 foldable crates in under 10 seconds.

ecobyte is a partner of Wiliot with a focus on returnable packages.

Wiliot, this is IoT without active energy supply based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The chip generates the energy needed from radio waves from the environment and provides positional data and temperatures. Further sensor data are under development: fill level, container full / empty.