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is the perfect service for you if …

…you want to make your logistics processes more efficient but don’t know how.

… you have always wanted competent IT consulting for load carrier management.

… you have smaller and larger construction sites in your IT environment.


is the perfect product for you if …

… you regularly have losses of load carriers because movements between you and your partners are not recorded transparently.

… you manage movements and stocks in Excel spreadsheets in a time-consuming and decentralized manner.

… you have production losses due to untraceable load carriers.

… you have trouble and expense when reconciling accounts with your partners.


is the perfect product for you if …

… you regularly have to wait for receipts from customers, suppliers, carriers or service providers.

… you want to gradually switch to digitalized processes.


It is impossible to make a blanket statement about blind spots in supply chains and challenges in load carrier management.
Our team of experts will therefore be happy to advise you in order to filter your current status quo and optimization potential individually and approach it in a targeted manner.

Standardized service packages are not uncommon in the IT industry. However, we are convinced that only individual solutions can help to establish long-term increases in efficiency and workflows.
For this reason, we offer workshops as part of our consulting services in order to initially filter out the problems and potential of the respective company and offer customized services on this basis.
Of course, we also offer quick checks for simpler challenges – with a focus on processes in load carrier management and logistics.


MyDCE stands for the full potential that you can draw from your daily processes with our support!

In essence, this means our individually programmed platform for all load carrier management, which can also be used for communication between different stakeholders, such as your suppliers. 

Our specially developed “myDCE” platform stands for process optimization for load carrier management of all kinds.

Integration into your processes creates transparency regarding all movements and stocks of the reusable transport packaging used.
This is achieved by integrating partners and pool service providers on an intuitive user interface in up to eight languages. Transfers can be entered manually or integrated via interfaces.
Of course, our software is compatible with common ERP, DMS and other IT systems.
For you, this means easy maintenance of customers, articles, locations and users.


Photograph the receipt, send it off, done! Receipt management can be so simple if you rely on digitized processes. Find out more about P2D (paper to digital) and the added value for logistical processes.

In order to digitalize load carrier management holistically, paper-based documents must also be considered and transformed.
We have developed our P2D tool for this purpose, which requires no app installation and works on all common smartphones.
Users simply scan the receipt within the software interface and it is automatically sent to the destination stored there, for example the associated document management system.
Users also have the option of simply sharing the receipts via email or Messenger.


is the perfect product portfolio for you if …

… you want to make blind spots within your supply chain visible.

… you do not have continuous monitoring of temperature-sensitive goods.

… you see significant automation potential for your empties management.

… you want or need to record the actual CO2 emissions of your supply chain.


is the perfect product for you if …

… you still record incoming and outgoing returnable packaging on paper.

… your customers have no transparency about your stocks.

… you cannot record serialized returnable packaging because you do not have the hardware.

The digitization experts at ecobyte create individual solutions for your company.

Hotline: 05492 96222-0


Data is the basis for continuous further development and process optimization. Active and passive IoT technologies allow increased transparency about load carriers and their contents. From our point of view, battery-free Bluetooth tags from Wiliot in particular have enormous potential to record sensor data very efficiently and use it in a targeted manner.

A small but crucial element in your supply chain: sensor and tracking data through smart Bluetooth technology.
As Wiliot’s only sales partner in Germany, we focus on individual consulting for use in your logistics process and can take over the programming of visualizations, supply chain events or process automation in full.

With the Wiliot Starter Kit Pro, you receive the so-called pixels, i.e. small Bluetooth tags for returnable packaging, an associated bridge, gateway, the corresponding platforms and a remote setup with introduction.
In order to set up the processes in the best possible way, we also offer on-site installation and implementation.
Of course, the hardware and the data generated from it can also be connected to our myDCE reusable packaging platform.

We also offer our own plug & play box for delivery vehicles and trucks.


Only those who have a name have a meaning. This is why the serialization of load carriers is essential if you want to track them, professionalize your inventory management or calculate the CO2 footprint in the supply chain. 

In addition to serialization, “reading” the individual names is of great importance to ensure circularity. We therefore offer various scanning hardware.

Another element of our portfolio is the scanning of serialized load carriers (RFID, barcodes) for precise, digital recording using mobile devices and stationary systems. Choose the right hardware for your initial situation – naturally with a connection to the myDCE platform.

Philip Zumbrägel

Managing Director

Klaus Endebrock

Teamlead Digital Circular Economy


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