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As the name suggests, our

 Digital Circular Economy 

(DCE for short) concept is all about the digitalization of cycles.
We specialize in the circularity of reusable transport packaging within supply chains.

 Digital problem solvers 

in logistics with RTP

The challenges

Load carrier losses, availability and inefficiencies in load carrier management are hidden cost drivers in the supply chain. This means that lost load carriers and a lack of transparent load carrier management are part of everyday life. 

Discrepancies, for example in the monthly reconciliation of accounts, also occur regularly. 

The result: no traceability for movements and stocks, cumbersome and incorrect account management in Excel and expensive purchases of load carriers to keep the supply chain running. The latter is even the best case scenario. Production often has to be canceled or postponed due to incorrect stock information that is discovered too late. 


Process optimization, digital twins and sensor technology are our answers to the typical problems in returnable logistics.

With identifiable, serialized load carriers, the internal material flow and overarching processes can be optimized. Loading equipment management can also be automated.

Thanks to the so-called digital twin with active and passive IoT (Internet of Things) systems, stocks can even be called up in real time and processes simulated, which is also exciting for risk analyses and other calculations, for example.

In order to uncover further intransparencies, we are also able to ensure temperature tracking and insight into deviations in temperatures, humidity, process times and transport routes. 

These implementations not only serve to expand the function of reusable packaging, but also contribute to quality management.

Philip Zumbrägel

Managing Director

Klaus Endebrock

Teamlead Digital Circular Economy


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