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The transport logistics of load carriers is still accompanied by a flood of paper. We are working on fully digital solutions.

The first step to this is the digital proof of delivery, which significantly speeds up the current process.

It is used a hundred times a day by our sister companies WBG-Pooling, LHM-Pooling and Rubetrans Logistics.

After completion of the order and acknowledgment of the documents from the loading station or unloading point as well as from the driver, these are digitized with the smartphone and transmitted directly to any document management system of our customers.

With digital proof of delivery, logistics and process chains are kept short and there are no more detours via the physical transport of paper-based proofs of delivery.


  • no changes of proved processes
  • no app installation
  • receipts are not stored on the smartphone
  • 8 available languages
  • easy sharing of the scanned document via mail or messenger
  • full integration with myDCE