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Defect detection for reusable packaging

Initial situation:

Reusable transport packaging, such as the robust Big Boxes from WBG Pooling, are exposed to extreme stress on a daily basis in the food supply chain.
Although they are designed to be repaired and returned to the material cycle, there was previously no efficient way of recording damage and weak points in the depot or at WBG Pooling’s service locations.
Complete documentation of the boxes’ life cycle, including who caused the damage and the repair process, was urgently needed.

Our solution:

We were able to integrate this complex process completely and individually for our customer in our DCE-ID Android app. Users can use a suitable barcode scanner, such as the Zebra TC52X. We can also provide support here, as we are a Zebra sales partner.

For damage detection, the user scans the barcode of the order and then the GRAI of the first, defective load carrier. Photos of the damage can then be taken with the same device.

After the last load carrier of an order, a report with the images is automatically generated and sent to the relevant department. The repair is initiated by scanning the GRAI. The damage is documented in a specified class and the repaired area is photographed.

The impact:

Our solution enables extremely efficient defect detection compared to previous methods. The defect history of each individual load carrier is available at the touch of a button and insights are gained into weak points in the design. This facilitates online stock adjustment on site.

Customer quote:

“We actually only wanted to test the system. However, after the first order was recorded, we never gave it up.”

Philip Zumbrägel

Managing Director

Klaus Endebrock

Teamlead Digital Circular Economy


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