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Customized platform for pooling service providers

The digital solution for efficient pooling management; customized by us!

Initial situation:

The pool service provider WBG Pooling had long been looking for a solution that could provide its customers with a load carrier management. They wanted to be able to order and release load carriers on one platform, monitor the order status and view receipts and account balances.

One of the biggest challenges within this project was the implementation of the “Packaging as a Service” (PaaS) concept. Packaging as a service means that packaging is offered as a holistic service, from provision and collection to cleaning and short-term or long-term rental.

The expansion of WBG Pooling’s business would not have been possible without a modern platform.
The more than 40 depot and service locations in Europe were not directly connected digitally, which led to inefficient exchanges and error-prone Excel spreadsheets.

Our solution:

With our specially developed product myDCE as the basis, we were able to deliver the perfect solution to the company’s long-standing problem.
Our basic concept became myWBG Pooling. A platform that offers a flexible and seamless connection to the service provider’s ERP system.
Customers and service providers now communicate via a platform that can be expanded with our DCE-ID scanning solution for a fully digitalized reusable cycle.
This also enables the recording of the Global Returnable Asset Identifier (GRAI) via a single platform.
In developing this software concept, we were able to understand that customers do not want to use multiple systems for load carrier management. That is why our solution also enables the management of customer-owned load carriers with customers and suppliers. In the same platform, but independent of WBG Pooling.
Other pool service providers can also be connected directly on request.

The integration of myWBG Pooling into the customer processes also took place in various ways, which significantly simplified the implementation with various stakeholders:

  • Manual entry of orders and movements in the browser
  • Upload of data, e.g. as a CSV file
  • Data transfer from the customer’s ERP system via an interface
  • Data exchange in EDI format

The impact:

WBG Pooling’s customer service has been significantly improved thanks to its own portal and new customers have been acquired, particularly for the PaaS concept.
Internal processes have become more efficient, leaving more time for the really important challenges in day-to-day business.

With our myDCE software, you too can discover an innovative solution that takes your pooling management to a new level – efficient, transparent and user-friendly!

With our myDCE software, you too can discover an innovative solution that takes your pooling management to a new level – efficient, transparent and user-friendly!

Customer quote:

“Working with ecobyte is proving to be extremely efficient. My expectations are exceeded day after day.

From day one, the ecobyte team has impressed me with its solution-orientedand their in-depth understanding of our pooling business model. The software solutions developed by ecobyte and enhancements of existing systems are not only innovative, but also extremely effective in their practical implementation. Communication during our projects is always transparent and professional.

As a customer, I feel really understood and valued by ecobyte, not just as one of many customers. The word aftersales is not just seen as an empty promise here, but is lived every day.”

Philip Zumbrägel

Managing Director

Klaus Endebrock

Teamlead Digital Circular Economy


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