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Digital solution for food delivery service

Initial situation:

Food delivery services are a tried and tested solution for many people and are increasingly being used – both in the private and commercial sectors.
These delivery services work with returnable crates, which in practice often make it difficult to keep track of stocks.
Manual scanning is too time-consuming in day-to-day operations, so this problem is often solved by purchasing new crates in order to be able to reliably supply customers on an ongoing basis. This is of course capital-intensive.

Our solution:

As an integration partner for Wiliot, the innovative tracking and monitoring system with battery-free Bluetooth beacons, we offer a digital solution that provides transparency about the whereabouts of crates automatically and cost-effectively.
Our system not only records locations, but also automatically provides information on temperatures. The decisive advantage: the hardware and installation costs are extremely low.

In cooperation with a delivery service for eco food, we were able to successfully carry out a proof of concept.
By attaching the Wiliot Pixel to crates from picking to delivery, data was visualized in real time on our user-friendly web platform.

The impact:

Thanks to our solution, each crate could be tracked individually: It was possible to see where the crates were delivered, when they were returned and whether there were any outliers. In addition, our system makes it possible to record the temperature history of each individual crate, so that deviations in cooling could be detected at an early stage.

“It’s impressive how, with so little effort, we can achieve complete transparency about both the stocks of our crates and the temperature of our goods. “

Philip Zumbrägel

Managing Director

Klaus Endebrock

Teamlead Digital Circular Economy


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