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Innovative scanning solution for maximum transparency

Initial situation:

Our customer WBG Pooling recognized early on that the future of reusable packaging requires unique identification. The globally recognized standard for this is the GRAI (Global Returnable Asset Identifier) from GS1. This gives each load carrier a unique identifier that can be recorded worldwide using optical codes or RFID. However, WBG Pooling had the problem of efficiently recording and documenting this GRAI on its load carriers, such as pallets, boxes and folding crates, throughout the entire circulation.

Our solution:

With our innovative scanning solution DCE-ID, we offer the recording of GRAI using RFID and barcode technology. Our Android app enables the control of both mobile and stationary RFID and barcode scanners.
In depots and service locations, GRAI can be recorded for load carriers at the entrance or exit to the order with great efficiency.
In the case of stationary solutions with a gate, the recording takes place seamlessly without affecting the actual process – automatically “in passing”.

Lightning-fast inventory of the entire warehouse stock? No longer a problem!

The impact:

Thanks to our scanning solution, the destination and origin of the load carriers in the depot are documented without any additional effort. In conjunction with our repair recording, this enables the calculation of important key figures for individual load carriers and the entire pool. Circulation and turnaround times become transparent, which leads to a considerable improvement in efficiency.

Rely on us to optimally monitor and manage your load carriers in circulation. Contact us for tailor-made scanning solutions that simplify and optimize your processes.

Philip Zumbrägel

Managing Director

Klaus Endebrock

Teamlead Digital Circular Economy


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