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Data is the basis for continuous further development and process optimization. Active and passive IoT technologies allow increased transparency about load carriers and their contents. From our point of view, battery-free Bluetooth tags from Wiliot in particular have enormous potential to record sensor data very efficiently and use it in a targeted manner.

A small but crucial element in your supply chain: sensor and tracking data through smart Bluetooth technology.
As Wiliot’s only sales partner in Germany, we focus on individual consulting for use in your logistics process and can take over the programming of visualizations, supply chain events or process automation in full.

With the Wiliot Starter Kit Pro, you receive the so-called pixels, i.e. small Bluetooth tags for returnable packaging, an associated bridge, gateway, the corresponding platforms and a remote setup with introduction.
In order to set up the processes in the best possible way, we also offer on-site installation and implementation.
Of course, the hardware and the data generated from it can also be connected to our myDCE reusable packaging platform.

We also offer our own plug & play box for delivery vehicles and trucks.