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What is Digital Circular Economy?

In order for returnable packages to show their advantage over disposable packaging, they must be ecologically and economically more sustainable as well as offer added values compared to nonreturnable packaging.

  • Sustainability is determined by logistics: minimized transport routes through pooling and reduction of administrative effort.
  • The added value is provided by identifiable packages, which also provides sensor and position data.

Digital circular economy – this is the digitalization of all these areas in the cycles of returnable packages.

We are working on digitization in four areas:

Smart Collaboration
digital communication between all involved

Smart Assets
“smart” packages

Smart Logistics
digitalization of paper war

providing sustainable facts from data

With logistical expert knowledge and IT expertise, we develop digitalized processes and the suitable systems – so that the result of the comparison nonreturnable vs. returnable often means reusable!



Whether reusable is more advantageous than disposable is increasingly decided by the ecological footprint, the greenhouse gas emissions.

The evaluation can only be made objectively on the basis of data and facts. That is why assessment and comparison of the complete life cycle are also part of DCE.

We supervise scientifically substantiated studies and provide suitable data.

As part of the Runden-Group, we are active in the network of SIM, rpe, the Fraunhofer Institutes UMSICHT and IBP and participate in studies and initiatives there.